Maison Diega

Paris, France. In designer Carole Petit's workshop, the majesty of a palm leaf, travel journals and an ethnic patchwork of handmade prints. From a simple men's shirt, adapted for women, DIEGA is born.

La Maison

Natural elegance with masculine assurance, DIEGA's androgynous femininity takes shape. Free to layer. Woven from vintage experience. Strength of character in beautiful materials and past colors. By day, by night, energetic and sunny, always spontaneous, the DIEGA woman goes to the essentials with style. Intense and true, resolutely active and casual.
A vision, a state of mind

DIEGA is a vision of this ideal world, this “promised” or “ expected” land, this solitary and protective kingdom for women of yesterday, today and tomorrow, here and elsewhere.

The manifesto
For these “warrior” women, DIEGA summons up the codes of a masculine wardrobe for an androgynous allure, noble, natural materials and artisanal ornamentation borrowed from distant cultures.
It's a poetic fusion, both modern and nostalgic, of two hitherto opposing style grammars: tailoring and vintage folklore.
DIEGA is a land of welcome, an imaginary territory, a new corner of paradise, to unite all the women of the world, offering them an art of living and a wardrobe that draw their origins from the plains of the “far west”, the African savannah, the Berber desert, the snow-capped mountains or the Mediterranean seashore.

A new corner of paradise to unite all the women of the world

Our commitments

DIEGA is a brand committed to the causes that touch it, in keeping with Carole Petit's vision of the world and in line with its family values. The brand is a discreet yet active donor to the MERCI ENDOWMENT FUND, which works to help women, men and children build a future for themselves by improving their living conditions, particularly in the educational, social, health, economic and cultural fields.

For several months now, DIEGA has been supporting LA MODE EUROPEENNE in their sustainable development projects. We recycle our used clothing in perfect condition to supply their solidarity boutiques in Africa and keep local jobs alive.

One girl, one style

DIEGA creates a daring wardrobe for free-spirited women, a tribe of modern-day warriors.
The collections pay tribute to the history and inspirations of designer Carole Petit.

As a little girl, Carole already imagined herself as an Amerindian.
Her desire to escape and evoke an elsewhere never left her, and today her creations are inspired by ethnic influences. Feathers, turquoise, the eternal palm tree evoking a pillar, not to mention African-inspired motifs and bangs borrowed from her Amerindian “sisters”, adorn the collections.

From her personal history, from the exile of her ancestors, she draws a desire to honor women, offering them a garment of armor that will carry their independence and freedom.