A daunting challenge, but a pleasure as intense as ever...

To love traveling elsewhere and encountering the splendor of nature, that unexpected beauty that leaves one so contemplative... that which presents itself to the eye and is capable of awakening a feeling of joy.

Carole, the designer, dreams of a world to re-enchant, while nature hibernates, the time to transform, to dress in its autumn colors, its indefinable colors, those of a colorful winter rainbow that DIEGA makes her own.

Thanks to the magic of the alchemy of beautiful materials, mixed with the soul of its prints and a great heart note, the result is a softness with the strength to remain a singular collection carried by self-affirmation.

Pieces that we want to keep, so timeless, to combine season after season and preserve our beautiful Planet. A celebration of winter ... which has given birth to the DIEGA Autumn-Winter 2022 collection.

The collection was born naturally, as a matter of course.

The evidence of being a Diega woman...

An attitude for allure, signed with a discreet thread.